EDBT accepted papers


(in no particular order)


Daichi Amagata(Osaka University), Takahiro Hara, Osaka University, Japan
Monitoring MaxRS in Spatial Data Streams

Peng Peng(Peking University), Lei Zou, Lei Chen(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Dongyan Zhao(Peking University)
Query Workload-based RDF Graph Fragmentation and Allocation

Jens Ehrlich(Hasso-Plattner-Institute), Mandy Roick(Hasso-Plattner-Institute), Lukas Schulze(Hasso-Plattner-Institute), Jakob Zwiener(Hasso-Plattner-Institute), Thorsten Papenbrock(Hasso-Plattner-Institute), Felix Naumann(Hasso-Plattner-Institute)
Holistic Data Profiling: Simultaneous Discovery of Various Metadata

Manasi Vartak(Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Venkatesh Raghavan(Pivotal), Elke Rundensteiner(WPI, USA), Samuel Madden(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Refinement Driven Processing of Aggregation Constrained Queries

Udayan Khurana(IBM Research), Amol Deshpande(University of Maryland, USA)
Storing and Analyzing Historical Graph Data at Scale

Jing Wang(University of Glasgow), Nikos Ntarmos(University of Glasgow), Peter Triantafillou(University of Glasgow, UK)
Indexing Query Graphs to Speedup Graph Query Processing

Zhong Zeng(National University of Singapore), Mong Li Lee(National University of Singapore), Tok Wang Ling(National University of Singapore)
Answering Keyword Queries involving Aggregates and GROUPBY on Relational Databases

Alessio Conte, Università di Pisa, Pisa(Italy), Roberto De Virgilio(Università Roma Tre, Rome, Italy), Antonio Maccioni(Università Roma Tre, Rome, Italy), Maurizio Patrignani(Roma Tre University), Riccardo Torlone(Università Roma Tre, Rome, Italy)
Finding All Maximal Cliques in Very Large Social Networks

Dimitrios Karapiperis(Hellenic Open University), Dinusha Vatsalan(Australian National University), Vassilios Verykios(Hellenic Open university), Peter Christen(Australian National University)
Efficient Record Linkage Using a Compact Hamming Space

Jiangwei Zhang(National University of Singapore), Y.C. Tay(National University of Singapore)
GSCALER: Synthetically Scaling A Given Graph

Shi Gao(UCLA), Jiaqi Gu(UCLA), Carlo Zaniolo(UCLA, USA)
RDF-TX: A Fast, User-Friendly System for Querying the History of RDF Knowledge Bases

Xiao Qin(Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Ramoza Ahsan(Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Xika Lin(Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Elke Rundensteiner(Worcester Polytechnic Insitute), Matthew Ward(Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Interactive Temporal Association Analytics

Chen-Che Huang(National Chiao Tung University), Jiun-Long Huang(National Chiao Tung Universitt), Tsung-Ching Liang(National Chiao Tung University), Jun-Zhe Wang(National Chiao Tung University), Wen-Yuah Shih(National Chiao Tung University), Wang-Chien Lee(Penn State University, USA)
Nearest Window Cluster Queries

Manoj Agarwal(IIT-Bombay, India), Krithi Ramamritham(IIT-Bombay, India), Prashant Agarwal(Oracle)
Generic Keyword Search over XML Data

Camelia Constantin(LIP6), Ryadh Dahimene(CNAM), Quentin Grossetti(CNAM), Cedric Du Mouza(CNAM)
Finding Users of Interest in Micro-blogging Systems

Angen Zheng(University of Pittsburgh), Alexandros Labrinidis(University of Pittsburgh), Patrick Pisciuneri(University of Pittsburgh), Panos Chrysanthis(University of Pittsburgh, USA), Peyman Givi(University of Pittsburgh)
PARAGON: Parallel Architecture-Aware Graph Partition Refinement Algorithm

Olga Poppe(Worcester Polytechnic Institut), Chuan Lei(NEC Labs America), Elke Rundensteiner(WPI, USA), Dan Dougherty(Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Context-aware event stream analytics

Xing Wang(George Mason University), Jessica Lin(George Mason University), Pavel Senin, Tim Oates, Sunil Gandhi, Arnold Boedihardjo, Crystal Chen, Susan Frankenstein
Finding Representative Patterns in Time Series for Classification

Despina Kopanaki(University of Piraeus, Greece), Vasilis Theodossopoulos(University of Piraeus, Greece), Nikos Pelekis(University of Piraeus, Greece), Ioannis Kopanakis(Tech. Educational Institute of Crete, Greece), Yannis Theodoridis(University of Piraeus, Greece)
Who Cares about Others’ Privacy: Personalized Anonymization of Moving Object Trajectories

Balder ten Cate(University of California Santa Cruz), Richard Halpert(University of California Santa), Phokion Kolaiti(University of California Santa Cruz)
Practical Query Answering in Data Exchange Under Inconsistency-Tolerant Semantics

Merih Seran Uysal(RWTH Aachen), Christian Beecks(RWTH Aachen), Daniel Sabinasz(RWTH Aachen), Jochen Schmuecking(RWTH Aachen), Thomas Seidl(RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Efficient Query Processing Using the Earth Mover's Distance in Video Databases

Sudip Biswas(Louisiana State University), Manish Patil, Sharma Thankachan(Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia, USA), Rahul Shah(Louisiana State University, Louisiana, USA)
Probabilistic Threshold Indexing for Uncertain Strings

Dimitrios Skoutas(ATHENA R.C.), Dimitris Sacharidis, Kostas Stamatoukos
Identifying and Describing Streets of Interest

Kiril Panev(TU Kaiserslautern), Sebastian Michel(TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Reverse Engineering Top-k Database Queries with PALEO

Mrunal Gawade(CWI), Martin Kersten(CWI, Amsterdam)
Adaptive query parallelization in multi-core column stores

Marios Meimaris(Athena Research and Innovation), George Papastefanatos(Athena Research and Innovation Center), Panos Vassiliadis(University of Ioannina), Ioannis Anagnostopoulos(University of Thessaly)
Efficient Computation of Containment and Complementarity in RDF Data Cubes

Vijay Ingalalli(LIRMM, IRSTEA), Dino Ienco(IRSTEA), Pascal Poncelet(LIRMM), Serena Villata(INRIA)
Querying RDF Data Using A Multigraph-based Approach

Hua Lu(Aalborg University), Chenjuan Guo(Aalborg University), Bin Yang(Aalborg University), Chrisitian Jensen(Aalborg University)
Finding Frequently Visited Indoor POIs Using Symbolic Indoor Tracking Data

Jongwuk Lee(HUFS), Dongwon Lee(The Pennsylvania State University), Sang-Wook Kim(Hanyang University)
CrowdSky: Crowdsourced Skyline Query Processing

Christodoulos Efstathiades(NTUA), Alexandros Belesiotis(Institute for the Management of Information Systems, R.C. Athena), Dimitrios Skoutas(ATHENA R.C.), Dieter Pfoser(George Mason University)
Similarity Search on Spatio-Textual Point Sets

Raphaël Bonaque(INRIA), Bogdan Cautis(Université Paris-Sud), François Goasdoué, Ioana Manolescu(INRIA)
Structured, Social and Semantic Search

George Papadakis(University of Athens), George Papastefanatos(Athena Research and Innovation Center), Themis Palpanas, Manolis Koubarakis
Scaling Entity Resolution to Large, Heterogeneous Data with Enhanced Meta-blocking

Manish Singh(IIT Hyderabad), Michael Cafarella(University of Michigan), Hosagrahar Visvesvar Jagadish(University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
DBExplorer: Exploratory Search in Databases

Aggeliki Dimitriou(NTUA Greece), Ananya Dass(NJIT), Dimitri Theodoratos(NJIT), Yannis Vassiliou(NTUA, Greece)
Cohesive Keyword Search on Tree Data

Mirjana Mazuran(Politecnico di Milano), Elisa Quintarelli(Politecnico di Milano), Letizia Tanca(Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Stefania Ugolini(Milan University)
Semi-automatic support for evolving functional dependencies

Padmashree Ravindra(Microsoft Corporation), HyeongSik Kim(North Carolina State University), Kemafor Anyanwu(North Carolina State University)
Optimization of Complex SPARQL Analytical Queries

Minyang Han(University of Waterloo), Khuzaima Daudjee(University of Waterloo, Canada)
Providing Serializability for Pregel-like Distributed Graph Processing Systems

Shiwen Cheng(UCR), marek Chrobak(UCR), Vagelis Hristidis(University of California, Riverside, USA)
Slowing the Firehose: Multi-Dimensional Diversity on Social Post Streams


Laura Kassner(Stuttgart University / Daimler), Bernhard Mitschang(Stuttgart University)
Exploring Text Classification for Messy Data: An Industry Use Case for Domain-Specific Analytics

Thibault Sellam, CWI, Martin Hentschel(Snowflake), Vasilis Kandylas(Microsoft), Omar Alonso(Microsoft)
e#: Sharper Expertise Detection from Microblogs

Xuebin He(WPI), Stephen Donohue(WPI), Mohamed Eltabakh(WPI)
Discovering Correlations in Annotated Databases

guilherme Damasio(UOIT and IBM CAS Toronto), Piotr Mierzejewski(UOIT and IBM CAS Toronto), Jaroslaw Szlichta(UOIT and IBM CAS), Calisto Zuzarte(IBM Toronto Laboratory)
Query Performance Problem Determination with Knowledge Base in Semantic Web System OptImatch

Junichi Tatemura(NEC Laboratories America), Oliver Po(NEC Laboratories America), Zheng Li (University of Massachusetts Lowell), Hakan Hacigumus(NEC Laboratories America)
Development and Execution Framework for Transaction Performance Analyses on SQL/NoSQL Systems

Xiaokui Shu(Virginia Tech), Nikolay Laptev(Yahoo Labs), Danfeng Yao(Virginia Tech)
DECT: Distributed Evolving Context Tree for Mining Web Behavior Evolution

Alexandros Efentakis(Research Center Athena)
Scalable Public Transportation Queries on the Database

Chen Wang(CSIRO), Sarvnaz Karimi(CSIRO)
Parallel Duplicate Detection in Adverse Drug Reaction Databases with Spark

Katsiaryna Mirylenka(IBM research), Vassilis Christophides, Themis Palpanas, Ioannis Pefkianakis(Hewlett Packard Labs), Martin May
Characterizing Home Device Usage From Wireless Traffic Time Series


Giansalvatore Mecca(Università della Basilicata), Guillem Rull(Universitat de Barcelona), Donatello Santoro(Università della Basilicata), Ernest Teniente(Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
GROM: a General Rewriter of Semantic Mappings

Zhong Zeng(National University of Singapore), Mong Li Lee(National University of Singapore), Tok Wang Ling(National University of Singapore)
PowerQ: An Interactive Keyword Search Engine for Aggregate Queries on Relational Databases

Parke Godfrey(York University), Jarek Gryz(York University), Piotr Lasek(York University), Nasim Razavi(York University)
Visualization Through Inductive Aggregation

Manoj Agarwal, IIT-Bombay(India), Divyam Bansal(Google Inc.), Mridul Garg(Samsung Research - India, Noida), Krithi Ramamritham(IIT-Bombay, India)
Contextual Event Search: Finding Contextual Messages in Dynamic microblog Data Stream in Real Time

Giuseppe Mazzeo(UCLA, USA), Carlo Zaniolo(UCLA, USA)
Answering Controlled Natural Language Questions on RDF Knowledge Bases

Jing Huang(Tsinghua university), Zhuonan Feng(Tsinghua university), Yiping Li(Tsinghua university), Ling Feng(Tsinghua university)
tPredictor: A Micro-blog Based System for Teenagers' Stress Prediction

Shiwen Cheng(UCR), James Fang, Vagelis Hristidis(University of California, Riverside, USA), Harsha Madhyastha(University of Michigan), Niluthpol Chowdhury Mithun(UC Riverside), Dorian Perkins(UC Riverside), Amit Roy-Chowdhury(UC Riverside), Moloud Shahbazi(UC Riverside), Vassilis Tsotras(UC Riverside)
OSNI: Searching for Needles in a Haystack of Social Network Data

Eleanor Ainy(Tel Aviv University), Pierre Bourhis, Susan Davidson(University of Pennsylvania), Daniel Deutch(Tel Aviv University), Tova Milo(Tel Aviv University)
PROX: Approximated Summarization of Data Provenance

Maxim Filatov(University of Geneva), Verena Kantere(University of Geneva)
PAW: A Platform for Analytics Workflows

Marco Mesiti(University of Milano), Luca Ferrari(University of Milano), Stefano Valtolina(University of Milano), Giacomo Licari(University of Milano), GIanluca Galliani(University of Milano), Minh-San Dao(NICT -- Japan), Koji Zettsu(NICT - Japan)
streamLoader: An Event-Driven ETL System for the On-line Processing of Heterogeneous Sensor Data

Xavier Oriol(Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Ernest Teniente(Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Guillem Rull(Universitat de Barcelona)
TINTIN: a Tool for INcremental INTegrity checking of Assertions in SQL Server

George Fletcher(Eindhoven University of Technology ), Jeroen Peters, Alexandra Poulovassilis
Efficient regular path query evaluation using path indexes

Seyed-Mehdi-Reza Beheshti(UNSW Australia), boualem benatallah(UNSW Australia), Hamid Reza Motahari Nezhad(IBM, Almaden Research Center)
Galaxy: A Platform for Explorative Analyzing Open and Federated Data

Alsayed Algergawy(University of Jena), Samira Babalou(University of Science and Culture, Tehran, Iran), Friederike Klan(University of Jena), Birgitta König-Ries(University of Jena)
OAPT: A Tool for Ontology Analysis and Partitioning

Yafang Wang(Shandong University), Gerard de Melo(Tsinghua University)
ShapeExplorer: Querying and Exploring Shapes using Visual Knowledge

Thu Le, Nicolas Anciaux(Inria), Sebastien Guilloton, Saliha Lallali, Philippe Pucheral(Inria, France), Iulian Sandu Popa
Distributed Secure Search in the Personal Cloud


Michael Gubanov, MIT
Type-aware Web-search

Jianqiu Xu(NUAA), Hua Lu(Aalborg University), Bin Yao(Shanghai Jiaotong University,China)
Indexing and Querying A Large Database of Typed Intervals

Evica Milchevski(TU Kaiserslautern), Sebastian Michel(TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Quantifying Likelihood of Change through Update Propagation across Top-k Rankings

Lu Li(USTC), Peiquan Jin(USTC), Chengcheng Yang(USTC), Lihua Yue(USTC)
Optimizing B+-Tree for PCM-Based Hybrid Memory

Koninika Pal(TU Kaiserslautern), Sebastian Michel(TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)
A Data Mining Approach to Choosing Categorical Attributes for Ranked Lists

Haridimos Kondylakis(FORTH-ICS), Antonis Fountouris(Computer Science Department University of Crete), Dimitris Plexousakis(FORTH-Inst. of Computer Science)
Efficient Implementation of Joins over Cassandra DBs

Marios Meimaris(Athena Research and Innovation), George Papastefanatos(Athena Research and Innovation Center)
Double Chain-Star: an RDF indexing scheme for fast processing of SPARQL joins

Vasilis Efthymiou(ICS-FORTH), Kostas Stefanidis(ICS-FORTH), Vassilis Christophides(University of Crete, Greece)
Minoan ER: Progressive Entity Resolution in the Web of Data

Yoshifumi Ujibashi(Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.), Motoyuki Kawaba(Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.), Lilian Harada(Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)
Proposal of a Database Type and Aggregation Function for Accelerating Medical Genomics Study on RDBMS

Benjamin Dietrich(U Tübingen, Germany), Tobias Müller(U Tübingen, Germany), Torsten Grust(Universität Tübingen)
The Best Bang for Your Bu(ck)g

Juan Antonio Lossio-Ventura(University of Montpellier), Mathieu Roche, Cirad(Irstea), Clement Jonquet(University of Montpellier), Maguelonne Teisseire(Irstea, TETIS)
A Way to Automatically Enrich Biomedical Ontologies

Tian Guo(Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale d), Karl Aberer(Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
A Distributed Mining Framework for Dynamic Influence in Evolving Entities

Sung-Soo Kim(ETRI), Taewhi Lee(ETRI), Moonyoung Chung(ETRI), Jongho Won(ETRI)
Sweet KIWI: Statistics-Driven OLAP Acceleration using Query Column Sets

Ticiana Coelho da Silva(Federal University of Ceará), Karine Zeitouni, José Fernandes de Macêdo(Federal University of Ceará), Marco A. Casanova
On-Line Mobility Pattern Discovering using Trajectory Data

Mussab Zneika(ETIS / UCP), Claudio Lucchese(ISTI / CNR), Dan Vodislav(ETIS), Dimitris Kotzinos(ETIS / UCP)
Summarizing Linked Data RDF Graphs Using Approximate Graph Pattern Mining

Clément Gautrais(Irisa), Peggy Cellier(INSA Rennes), Thomas Guyet(Agrocampus Ouest), René Quiniou(Inria Rennes), Alexandre Termier(University of Rennes 1)
Understanding Customer Attrition at an Individual Level: a New Model in Grocery Retail Context

Marwan Hassani(RWTH Aachen University), Yifeng Lu(RWTH Aachen University), Thomas Seidl(RWTH Aachen University)
Towards an Efficient Ranking of Interval-Based Patterns

Maria KOUTRAKI(University of Versailles), Nicoleta Preda(University of Versailles), Dan Vodislav(ETIS)
SOFYA: Semantic on-the-fly Relation Alignment

Juliana Hildebrandt(Technische Universität Dresden), Dirk Habich(Technische Universität Dresden), Patrick Damme(Technische Universität Dresden), Wolfgang Lehner(TU Dresden, Germany)
Model Kit for Lightweight Data Compression Algorithms

Sergey Hardock(TU-Darmstadt), Ilia Petrov(Reutlingen University), Robert Gottstein(TU-Darmstadt), Alejandro Buchmann(TU-Darmstadt)
Revisiting DBMS Space Management for Native Flash

Shuhan Yuan(Tongji University), Xintao Wu(University of Arkansas), Yang Xiang(Tongji University)
Two Phase Deep Learning Model for Identifying Discrimination from Tweets

Sean Chester(NTNU), Orestis Gkorgkas(NTNU), Kjetil Nørvåg(NTNU)
Top-k Dominating Queries, in Parallel, in Memory

Marta Patino(Politecnica de Madrid, Spain), Ricardo Jimenez-PEris(LeanXcale)
Snapshot Isolation for Neo4j

Malene Søholm(Aarhus University), Sean Chester(NTNU), Ira Assent, Aarhus University
Maximum Coverage Representative Skyline

Koji Iwanuma(University of Yamanashi), Yoshitaka Yamamoto, University of Yamanashi(Japan), Shoshi Fukuda(University of Yamanashi)
An On-Line Approximation Algorithm for Mining Frequent Closed Itemsets Based on Incremental Intersection

Felix Beier(IBM Germany R&D), Knut Stolze(IBM Germany R&D), Daniel Martin(IBM Germany R&D)
Extending Database Accelerators for Data Transformations and Predictive Analytics

Hannes Grunert(University of Rostock), Andreas Heuer(University of Rostock)
Privacy Protection through Query Rewriting in Smart Environments

Luc Bouganim, INRIA(France), Athanasia Katsouraki(INRIA), Benjamin Nguyen(INSA Centre Val de Loire)
DatShA :A Data Sharing Algebra for access control plans

Kostas Stefanidis(ICS-FORTH), Eirini Ntoutsi, LMU
Cluster-based Contextual Recommendations

Erik Agterdenbos, George Fletcher(Eindhoven University of Technology), Chee-Yong Chan, Stijn Vansummeren
Empirical evaluation of guarded structural indexing

Barbara Catania(Università di Genova), Giovanna Guerrini(Università di Genova), Beyza Yaman(University of Genova)
Context-Dependent Quality-Aware Source Selection for Live Queries on Linked Data


Manos Athanassoulis(Harvard University), Michael Kester(Harvard University), Lukas Maas(Harvard University), Radu Stoica(IBM Research), Stratos Idreos(Harvard University, USA), Anastasia Ailamaki(EPFL), Mark Callaghan(Facebook)
Designing Access Methods: The RUM Conjecture

Mohammad Sadoghi(IBM T.J. Watson Research Center),Kavitha Srinivas(IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Oktie Hassanzadeh(IBM Watson, USA), Yuan-Chi Chang(IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Mustafa Canim(IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Achille Fokoue(IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Yishai Feldman(IBM Research – Haifa, Israel)
Self-Curating Databases

Tim Furche, Georg Gottlob, Leonid Libkin, Giorgio Orsi, Norman Paton(University of Manchester)
Data Wrangling for Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities

Divy Agrawal(UCSB), Sanjay Chawla, Ahmed Elmagarmid, Zoi Kaoudi, Mourad Ouzzani, Paolo Papotti(QCRI, Qatar), Jorge Quiane(QCRI), Nan Tang(QCRI), Mohammed Zaki
Road to Freedom in Big Data Analytics

Stefano Ceri(Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Abdulrahaman Kaitoua, Marco Masseroli, Pietro Pinoli, Francesco Venco
Data Management for Next Generation Genomic Computing